Wednesday 1 July 2020
Digital cumbia with a calm pulse

Argentina has become the epicentre of a musical explosion that blends folk music from the surrounding Andean Mountains and electronic beats.

The artist arguably responsible for its emergence on a global platform is one named Chancha Via Circuito – a Buenos Aires native named Pedro Canale whose first album Rodante (2008) opened the floodgates by pushing the borders of cumbia.

Chancha Via Circuito does mashed-up, remixed dance-club reinterpretations of the Afro-Colombian melodies and rhythms.

Since the breakthrough album Rio Arriba in 2010, Chancha Via Circuito has been getting more mainstream attention, including a big hit in the TV series Breaking Bad.

Chancha Via Circuito has most recently released Bienaventuranza (2018) which roughly translates to ‘bliss’, and that’s what you’ll feel when diving into these sounds. The quirky tracks pulse lushly with the cadence of Andean instruments like the charango (a small stringed instrument), Andean flutes and pipes, Afro-Andean percussion and a mesmerising dose of Amazonian ambient mysticism. This time around, the project includes a number of vocalists on the recordings.

Playing live, Chancha Via Circuito expands to a full band. They mix the electronic sounds with live drums, guitars, percussion and singing. Basically, they just show how these smooth and swaying sounds are made to be performed live. Just check this live clip, and you’ll know what we’re on about!