Friday 3 July 2020
Denmark's new pop hope is ready for Roskilde

Welcome to a new shooting star on the Danish pop sky. She simply goes by her first name.

Clara's has practically breathed music since she was a child. At 13, she was invited to be the lead singer of her older brother’s band. Just two years later her voice caught the attention of a producer, and it didn’t take long before she signed a contract with Sony Music.

When Clara turned 18, her debut album was released with the self-referring title August Eighteen. It worked as some kind of compilation of songs that Clara had written in her earliest teens alongside new compositions.

Clara's gearing up for the big game now. She was nominated at the Danish P3 Guld award (where she also performed) and won a Danish Music Award for ‘best new Danish act’.

She is currently finishing up a new album, which will be released in March, and if all plays well it will catapult her all the way up on the starry sky alongside established Danish pop artists such as Jada and MØ. Right now, you can dive into the gorgeous sounds of her hit-charged singles while waiting for Clara's debut concert at Roskilde Festival.

Clara has been busy fine-tuning her live expression, and she has been on a longer tour so we can expect a fully fledged performer this summer.