Friday 3 July 2020
The Danish crooning singer-songwriter has reinvented himself – and stands stronger than ever before

Claus Hempler is a veteran on the Danish music scene. We first got to know him back in the early 90s as the frontman of the rock band Fielfraz (watch a Roskilde moment from '92 here) who achieved great success in Denmark.  In 1999, Claus Hempler stepped out on his own, first with a purely jazz-oriented solo debut (Charm School for Pop Singers) and later with a couple of English-language releases with which he positioned himself as Denmark’s croon man #1.

In 2019, Claus Hempler reinvented himself. He had started writing songs in his Danish mother tongue – and they sort of poured out of him. He saw it as some kind of mission like in the Fielfraz days when he chased an expression that hadn't been done before. Songwriting had become playful again.

In 2019, the album Kuffert fuld af mursten (‘suitcase full of bricks’) was released. It was critically acclaimed by pretty much everyone and ended topping many end-of-year lists. It was a victorious return for the musician Claus Hempler.

Hempler is still the elegant singer with the deep voice – like he has been since he first went solo. But this time around there is humour, he taunts himself and reviews his progress in life in poetic phrasings – and he shoots down the myth of the serious crooner. With brilliant phrasings that savour every syllable, and immaculate melodies, Hempler’s latest album is extremely successful.

When Claus Hempler steps on stage, you can look forward to a goosebumping moment in the vein of this performance. The Danish musician will bring his band to Roskilde Festival after a successful spring tour – so we can look forward to something grand. Claus Hempler is ready for a comeback – 28 years after he last played at Roskilde Festival.