Friday 3 July 2020
Terrifying mix of tar-thick, charcoal-black post-metal  

has been called the hottest new band in British metal right now. Their fans count bands like Will Haven, Trivium and Slipknot. 

The Rugby band (the town, not the sport) conjures (!) up a progressive, punishing sound that defies traditional metal genres. Sludggrooves meet post-metal with an intelligent and dissonant technical intensity that carries a weight of fear and awe, successfully translatable on both record and a live stage. 

A series of stunning live performances have only heightened expectations to this band. 

Conjurer trudges through gloom and grisliness with lots of riffing and guttural growlsBut through even the most brutal passages there’s always a close-held dedication to melody – one that breaks through in moments of huge, ambient – dare we call it – euphoria. 

Take a listen to their monstrous debut album, Mire, which, according to a review, sets “a new standard for the UK metal scene”. Mire balances elements from prog, death, sludge, black and post-metal (to name a few) in their own musical stew. Multi-faceted and magnificent!  

If you like bands like Mastodon, Gojira, Opeth and The Ocean, you have come to the right place! 

In 2019, Conjurer teamed up with label mates Pijn and released the EP Curse These Metal Hands, which takes a bit brighter path compared to Mire. It’s still full of angular riffs and shows an exciting diversity in Conjurer’s metal approach. 

A bright future lies ahead of this band. So does a show at Roskilde Festival 2020. If you think their recordings are heavy and muscular, just wait until you catch them live...