Thursday 2 July 2020

Turbo-charged Norwegian rockers scratch your power pop itch

Death by Unga Bunga epitomise everything that’s fun and great about rock‘n’roll.

The band hails from Moss in Norway, and they are ready to show how to kick ass and start a riff fest. These kids are up to no good – in a very good way!

If you dig power pop that flirts with punk and classic rock, you will definitely love Death by Unga Bunga. They encapsulate all the energy of The Sonics and Mummies (from where they lifted their name), the simple musical joy and gang swagger of The Ramones and the deft penmanship of Cheap Trick.

Over 10 years in the game and five albums to their name, US tours with punk icons Stiff Little Fingers and a coast-to-coast headline venture of their own, Death by Unga Bunga show no sign of slowing down. And why would they? They are only getting better and better.

Death by Unga Bunga describe themselves as ‘fast, loud and funny’. Come get hit by a rock’n’roll tornado when Death by Unga Bunga makes rock dangerous again.