Friday 3 July 2020
Dreamy ‘deep reggaetón’ electronica

This snake goes under several aliases. DJ Wey, Deejay Xanax, Luis – and, in this case, DJ Python. Brian Piñeyro is the person behind, and under the latter moniker he dives into a special preference for reggaetón, the Latin American take on reggae.

As soon as he came across those sounds he realised that he wanted to make music that resembled that. Only he wanted to deconstruct it – and by doing that, make it his own.

Mission completed.

DJ Python has specialised in making chilled, downbeat electronica based on slowed-down rhythms that mimic the reggaetón style. He calls it deep reggaetón. On top of those rhythms he adds lush, spaced-out sounds with a meditative groove.

The Python sound seeps through a couple of releases. The debut, Dulce Compañia (2017) presented a more lo-fi take – all remedied on 2019’s EP Derretirse (out on Dekmantel). A full length is expected out in 2020, and you can already now listen to the track house-influenced “Chalet”.

DJ Python works out of New York (started in Miami where he first discovered the reggaetón sound) and he claims that he makes chilled music as an antidote to New York’s hustle and bustle. His music has the same vibe, overflowing with good ideas but certain in its calmness. Beauty, nostalgia and melancholy go hand in hand in DJ Python’s sounds.