Thursday 2 July 2020
Explorative metal group with long songs built from stoner, psych and prog rock

Do you prefer your songs long and heavy and on an adventurous path towards the unknown? So does Elder. Their mix of stoner, psychedelic rock and doom metal is both electrifying, blood-pumping – and very refined!

The Boston-based band have been churning out stellar metal throughout five albums in the past decade. They have evolved into a behemoth of a band that can be both heavy and melodic.

Maybe you’ve come across the masterpiece, 2017’s Reflections of a Floating World (and if not, what are you waiting for?!). An immaculately constructed set of songs that keeps searching and exploring while keeping things heavy and on point.

The band’s love of 70s progressive rock, including groups like Yes and Gentle Giant, shows in their talent for packing a large number of riffs into a single, often ten-plus minute song. They zigzag between different sounds, closer to classic rock one minute and closer to old-school heavy metal the next.

Just like their songs keep progressing throughout, so do Elder. The latest output is The Silver & Gold Sessions, a creative sidestep informed by singer and guitarist Nick DiSalvo’s relocation to Germany. Pay attention and you’ll hear kosmiche and kraut-like elements in Elder’s psychedelic jams on this EP (which is entirely instrumental, by the way).

Elder may not be as well-known (yet!) as some of their contemporary peers, but they deserve to be up there alongside acts like Mastodon, Baroness and Pallbearer.