Sunday 28 June 2020

– Tuesday 30 June 2020

(final date to be announced)

Danish collective embraces everything possible in their dizzying pop music

There is a sample in Ganger’s music where distorted voices welcome you to a world where everything is allowed and anything can happen. That could just as well have been our introduction to the Danish band. 

Ganger is a music collective with great ambitions for their music. In fact, they have stated that they are here to change Danish pop music as we know it. 

And let it be clear: Ganger sounds unlike anything else. The band consists of four singers and a drummer – and the whole caboodle revolves around Thomas Bach Skaarup's fragmentary, dizzying songwriting  

Ganger's debut album is called Mørk (‘dark’), and it takes the album concept very seriously. It’s a cohesive work consisting of a lot of songs, each of which seeks out like octopus arms that wants to grab everything at once. And they manage to do just that! Danish music critics are raving about it (look here and here – if you understand Danish, that is). 

Mørk is a pop album that playfully incorporates field recordings and sudden genre shifts – and it is full of voices from the four vocalists that emerge and disappear again in surprising ways. You never know what is waiting around the next corner, and you can't wait to find out. The playfulness is a fabulously surprising thing about Ganger. 

Ganger will definitely take you by surprise when they play at Roskilde Festival.