Saturday 4 July 2020
Spacious, hook-filled pop-rock from three wonder sisters

The three sisters in HAIM (the band name is also their family name) have developed a signature sound over the years: Their precise, taut pop songs glimmer with both punch and polish in a marvellous mix of Fleetwood Mac-inspired rock, 80s synth pop and 90s R&B.

Este, Danielle and Alana grew up in a musical family and began playing instruments at an early age. They were obsessed with LA rock folklore – and their music has always had a special Californian feel to it.

HAIM made quite an impact with the debut album, Days Are Gone, from 2013. The critics raved about it, and its widespread acclaim included a Grammy nomination for ‘best new artist’.

The following year, the siblings played Roskilde Festival and showed how they can crank up the power and add extra energy and crunch to their live show compared to their studio recordings.

Since then, the trio have refined their sepia-toned California soft-rock/pop sound, heavy on harmonies and hooky choruses, with 2017’s follow-up Something to Tell You which spawned further sun-licked single hits like “I Want You Back” and “Little of Your Love”.

The three sisters are much requested on other artist’s songs as well. In recent years, they have guested on songs by a diverse bunch of names like Charli XCX, Clairo, Primal Scream, Dirty Projectors and The Lonely Island – and Danielle Haim sang on Vampire Weekend’s Father of the Bride album.

Now, HAIM is gearing up for more under their own name. The trio has a diverse handful of singles out (yes, a new album is on the way!), all full of infectious melodies and dealing with both breezy and dark themes. Check out Paul Thomas Anderson directed video for “Now I’m in It” below. There’s plenty to get excited about as HAIM returns to Roskilde Festival 2020.