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Wednesday 1 July 2020

– Saturday 4 July 2020

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Danish artist aims to depict a brighter future – despite all the dystopia surrounding us

How do we expand the boundaries of our imagination to allow for other ways of organising society in a time when our political economy is threatening our existence? This is one of the questions Hannibal Andersen examines in his art.

His pieces come in many forms – audio, video, text and performance – and through his practice he points to the societal relationships and hierarchies of power we all, consciously and unconsciously, help to maintain.

Hannibal Andersen is presented in collaboration with the Bikuben Foundation. He is a part of the foundation's studio programme, which focuses on artistic development and offers studio space to three newly graduated artists every year. The aim is to add value to the artist's future career by providing both physical space and professional advice. In the longer term, the desire is to help develop and qualify the Danish art scene.

The other artists in the studio programme are Emilia Bergmark and Jules Fischer.