Friday 3 July 2020
Nightmarish slooow blackened doom metal playing late into the night

Imagine a thick haze. Imagine tortured screaming vocals with an effect that makes them sound as if they come from the room next door. The tempo is slow and heavy. Everything is ear-shatteringly loud.

It sounds like a nightmare. But a hypnotising one.

The band is called Heathe. They hail from the Danish town of Aalborg. They are a fluid band. One permanent member – the rest changes from time to time but includes musicians from bands like Get Your Gun, Kogekunst and Kellermensch.

In 2019, the Danish band released its debut album called On the Tombstones; the Symbols Engraved. The cover art shows a bare forest. Dark and beautiful at the same time. Just like this music. The album contains just one track, 38 minutes long.

On stage, Heathe plays as a large orchestra, incorporating strings, horns, guitars, drums and organs. They build beauty inside their blackened doom. At times things sort of melt together and become a noisy soundscape with all the details lurking inside the maelstrom.

This is no feel-good music. But step into this phantasm and feel colossal aggressive energy bursts reverberate in endless darkness. Once you step out again, you will feel uplifted.

Heathe will play as part of a late-night slot on our intimate Gloria stage. Loud and aggressive shows along with Nyredolk and Orm await.