Friday 3 July 2020
Brand-new Danish band with a venomous bite

It is instantly recognisable with its zigzag-striped skin and venomous bite. The European viper is called ‘hugorm’ in Danish, and it’s the perhaps most dangerous animal on Danish soil. Plus it enjoys sunbathing.

A more musically minded viper, the band Hugorm, has some of the same abilities. They got together in the Danish surfers’ paradise Klitmøller where the North Sea roars.

The members, Simon Kvamm, Morten Gorm and Arni Bergmann, started with some cool beats, which grew into grooves and then developed into finished songs. Hugorm became a band.

Hugorm loves cold keyboards, boisterous beats, a rocking restlessness and, of course, catchy tunes. Their lyrics range from something raving and wonderfully word-juggling to the (personally) piercing.

Hugorm are finalising their first collection of songs, which will be released on an EP in 2020. Meanwhile, they are gearing up for some live shows. This summer, they are ready to play Roskilde Festival 2020.

This viper might just snap at you but its bite is refreshing and the proper antidote is just letting go and moving about to the zigzagging sounds.