Thursday 2 July 2020
The new star in pop-meets-country music brings a beloved agenda

Love. That sweet, goddamn love. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

Just ask Kacey Musgraves.

She’s the big star with all the love songs, growing out of the country capital of Nashville by putting just the right amount of pop inside country and voilá... she’s a hit!

This 31-year-old pop-country artist started playing music in her Texas home at an early age. Her mother took her to local festivals to sing western swing music, and her family funded her first self-released album, Movin’ On (2002). She was just 14 then. To date, she has put out three self-released albums and three studio albums (plus a couple of Christmas releases).

Musgraves’ debut major label album, Same Trailer Different Park (2013), made the critics rave, and it climbed to no. 2 on the US album chart (the regular one, not “just” the country chart where she went #1). She continued her winning streak with 2015’s Pageant Material, which was recorded live in the studio. The album ended on numerous end-of-year lists.

But it was thanks to her big breakthrough album Golden Hour (2018) that she managed to put country on the agenda in wider circles of the popular music scene. The album has tunes that sound as if they have been around for years, characterised by crystalline emotional and melodic clarity – and the subtle flirt with the aesthetics of pop music has helped her ascendance towards the stars.

Kacey Musgraves has a gorgeous voice and a vintage model appearance – but she’s not your usual Nashville player. Her 2013 single “Follow Your Arrow” marked her out as a provocateur of the genre: she advocated kissing girls “if you want to”, rolling joints and railed against misogyny. Moreover, she has said about Golden Hour that taking acid helped her make it just right.

When Musgraves visits Roskilde Festival 2020, she brings a stellar live band with her: drums, pedal steel, cello, double bass, guitars and 70s synthesisers all create a fantastic brew of sound. Her songs translate well to the live stage, and at the centre of it all is her beautiful, crystal-clear vocals. Not to be missed!