Thursday 2 July 2020
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Blawan and Pariah’s hardware-centric techno duo ready to let loose at Roskilde Festival

Karenn is the duo of Jamie Roberts (aka Blawan) and Arthur Cayzer (aka Pariah). They have been playing together for nearly a decade, and their modus operandi is simply producing machine techno focused on the dancefloor (even their studio recordings are meant for the club).

As Karenn, Cayzer and Roberts spend much of their time together huddled over machines, playing to packed dance floors where they have built a reputation for thrilling, powerful live sets.

To begin with, they produced dark and crude techno, all full of static, hiss, rattling drums and distorted synths. The project quickly developed a following through its series of untitled EPs released on the Works The Long Nights label between 2011 and 2014.

Then they stopped releasing new music. This was at a time when just the industrial-flavoured techno they were into became more and more prominent.

They kept on performing live, though.

Thankfully, they returned in 2019 with a new label (Voam) and a full-length debut record. The title is Grapefruit Regret (the title stems from an unfortunate breakfast order), and it presents a range of high-quality techno tunes that stand apart from ongoing trends. Resident Advisor has stated that it “might be 2019's best techno album” (perhaps it was).

If you want to kick loose with ample doses of hard-hitting techno, Karenn is up for the task at Roskilde Festival 2020.