Saturday 4 July 2020
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The word jugglers from the Danish hip-hop group reunite at Roskilde Festival

2020 marks the year when the three lads Tue Track, Geolo G and Blæs Bukki, collectively Malk De Koijn, join forces once again at Roskilde Festival.

The mission is clear: They want to deliver fun and dirty rhymes, a festive confusion of languages (it’s in Danish – and beyond!) and bouncy rhythms that tend to turn the sea of people in front of their stage into big waves of rocking heads and fluttering arms.

Or to put it differently: If you want a party, you should check out Malk De Koijn!

They have done this before at Roskilde Festival. We're back in 1998 when the trio played their debut concert here. It was the same year that they released their debut record, Smash Hit in Aberdeen (it was a smash hit in Denmark!). Since then, the band has been here in 2002, which was the same year their follow-up, Sneglzilla, was released, and again in 2009 and 2012.

Malk De Kojn grew from the soil as a distinctive flower that didn't look like the others in the field. Danish rap in the 90s was busy imitating the Americans. In some way, it still does. Malk De Koijn had completely different ideas and approaches. They were like someone who had observed hip-hop from another planet – yet they had full control of all means, references, history – and, of course, stage presence!

Their rhythmic backdrop has always aimed for a classic sound. But the topsy-turvy, raving rap on top of it all has always been in a league of its own, allowing the imaginative, the funny and the profound to naturally co-exist in their DNA.

It's been nine years since Malk De Koijn last returned. Now, they're going to do it again.

Because of many other projects the members are engaged in, it’s a rare sight to see Malk De Koijn together on stage. This will be the only chance to catch them at a festival in 2020.

Look forward to (yet) a visit to the mythical Langestrand (‘longbeach’) together with Malk De Koijn when they start up a late party at Roskilde Festival 2020.