Friday 3 July 2020
Raw, apocalyptic techno constructed on analogue equipment

Ash Luk and Lida P have a lust for machines. With their heads deep inside the machinery they construct hard-hitting electronic music. They call it hardware hardcore.

The duo have turned heads with their visceral live performances and raw, unpredictable club tracks through the use of hardware sequencers, drum machines and synths.

From years of playing in punk bands, Luk’s penchant for the heavier and more aggressive side of dance music is evident in its infiltration of the duo’s live sets. Their acid-tinged gigs straddle the line between a relentless attack on the senses and jarring moments of disorienting chaos, held together by oppressive kick and scattered breakbeats.

Minimal Violence’s sound is anything but minimal. It is so monstrous in scale it seems built for stadiums. Just listen to their 2019 debut album, InDreams (out on Ninja Tune’s Technicolour imprint), a drum machine-fuelled odyssey of techno, industrial, trance and hardcore. And it’s built on what works live: the duo wrote for their live sets, played them out on tour and watched the reaction.

Just wait until you experience Ash Luk and Lida P whir over their machines in a flurry of action. This music calls for darkness, manic energy and moving bodies.

See you on the floor!