Friday 3 July 2020
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Blackened crust punk – out to kick your ass!

Approach with caution.

NyreDolk (this name, if any, deserves a translation: ‘kidney dagger’) play with anger, disgust and massive power. They take everything negative and amplify it by means of guitars, bass, drums and damn-ugly guttural vocals.

This two-man operation (grows to four people in concert) mixes black metal with crust punk in a sinister package. You get the best of the worst!

NyreDolk came out of nowhere. In 2018, they released a cassette on Florida-based Caligari Records. Four songs full of hostility – just look at song titles like “Dø langsomt” (‘die slowly’) and “Blottet for empati” (‘devoid of empathy’). The release ended up on the trendsetting CVLT Nation’s ‘best black metal’ list.

Danish label Stranger Aeons released the same recordings on a 7” single in 2019.

NyreDolk disguise themselves with hoods, making them look like a mix of street hoodlums and slasher flick killers.

Watch this live recording and you’ll get a sense of what you’re in for when NyreDolk takes the stage at Roskilde Festival 2020. Be frightened, be prepared. And get ready to unleash all your energy together with these hellish noise mongers.

Nyredolk will play as part of a late-night slot on our intimate Gloria stage. Loud and aggressive shows along with Heathe and Orm await.