Saturday 4 July 2020
Chicago band knows how to thrash, bash and squeal

“Three dudes and the desire to slay”.

That’s the band motto of Oozing Wound. A band name that is both a descriptor and a warning. So watch out!

Oozing Wound makes a hell of a racket in an electrified cross field of thrash metal, punk and noise rock. The band is hard to pigeon-hole. The Quietus has called them “stoned noise rock sped way up”.

Oozing Wound grew out of Chicago’s noise/experimental scene. They applied the no-rules ethos of that scene to their aggressive take on metal and rock, throwing in generous amounts of attitude and acerbic social commentary on relentlessly ripping albums.

Their song titles are so hilarious they deserve to be highlighted. Examples are “Everyone I Hate Should Be Killed”, “Autopsy Turvy”, “Ganga Gremlin”, “You Owe Me, Iommi”, “Surrounded By Fucking Idiots” and “Tween Shitbag” (the list really goes on, just check their discography).

Rapid riffs and concussive force construct their metier. On their fourth and latest album, High Anxiety (2019), you get both, excessively and ecstatically. This is ugly music for ugly times with a visceral kick to the pants. Oozing Wound is here to bring some needed weirdness to the world of extreme rock, and you should not miss out on it when they play Roskilde Festival 2020.