Friday 3 July 2020
Bleak and rough beauty from Danish black metallers

Danish metal is really thriving these years. One excellent band after the other shoots up from the dark depths down below.

Orm (Danish for ‘worm’) is one of the latest metal mongers who have wormed (!) their way into the scene with a sound that is both dark, majestic, muscular and beautiful.

The band has grown out of a previous outfit, By the Patient (who played Roskilde in 2010) who played death metal. Orm is a whole other creature. The band went down the black metal path, which was a very clever choice!

Orm released their self-titled debut album in 2017. The year before they played Roskilde Festival’s Rising stage.

Their latest album, 2019’s Ir, really ups the ante. Ir has been hailed as a masterpiece by several critics, and you certainly understand why.

The band has approached their songwriting as an epic and progressive story. The album consists of two monolithic songs, each of them with a length a wee short of a half-hour. And it’s heavy stuff (not just sound-wise, but in subject matter, too) – the albums deals with the loss of a family member and the following mourning process.

The music is raw and atmospheric, delivering emotive sounds that mix harsh aggression with enticing splendour.

In 2020, Orm was ready with a new release, the EP Mit blod (‘my blood’), which is another triumph, presenting two pitch-black pearls which add more doom-y beauty to the band’s catalogue.

Look forward to stepping into an all-enveloping darkness while a bright light emits from the stage when Orm give sound to something massive and magnificent.

Orm will play as part of a late-night slot on our intimate Gloria stage. Loud and aggressive shows along with Heathe and Nyredolk.