Saturday 4 July 2020
One of the heaviest hitters in the no-rules arena of rap

Want attitude? Lots of it? Take a step closer and give Rico Nasty a listen.

For the first couple of years of her career, Rico Nasty blended bubblegum and bullets developing her “sugar trap” style like a hardcore Powerpuff Girl. On the menu was melodious, sing-song flexes on top of beats.

Lots of attitude, all right.

Then she teamed up with producer Kenny Beats. Rico Nasty wanted to turn everything up. It took them 20 minutes to put together what is Nasty’s biggest hit, “Smack a Bitch”, an abrasive blend of downtuned guitar, bass-heavy trap drums and Rico’s hoarse, vocal cord-lacerating buzzsaw scream. Five Kenny-produced tracks in the vein of “Smack a Bitch” formed the heart of Rico’s breakout 2018 mixtape Nasty

Attitude? Even more of it!

The rapper/producer combo got together for another in 2019 which yielded their new collaborative effort Anger Management. They set out to trace the emotional arc of anger management, from rage to calm, as a way to explore new tones.

The rapper channels her anger with a menacing wail, her throat scratching and her face often contorting when she performs. Anyone who’s seen her live can attest to her dynamism onstage. Rico’s energy is contagious, and her concerts feel like one giant moshpit. When the rapper shouts that she loves “bad bitches who be ragin’” it’s hard not to believe her.

Rico’s rage is multidirectional: she takes aim at her own haters, at Trump supporters and, perhaps most notably, sneering men. On the track “Hatin” she addresses her female listeners directly: “If you got your own shit, you ain’t ever gotta listen to him, girl / Niggas be hatin’ on bitches.”

Come catch this artist full of attitude at Roskilde Festival. She’s on a trajectory towards the stars. Catch her at an exciting early point before she makes it big!