Sunday 28 June 2020

– Tuesday 30 June 2020

(final date to be announced)

Melancholic and poetic guitar pop

Poetry can ring with such a musical beauty. So, what happens when poetry is married with music? Rigmor has the answer.

The young Danish four-piece started out as an idea of putting music to Danish writer Michael Strunge’s poetry. Weighty, post-modernist outsider poetry.

It gives Rigmor’s music a certain sense of gravity. Their alternative guitar pop full of tinkly guitars, pulsating grooves and it’s fronted by Sarah Wichmann earnest vocals. She has a voice that makes everybody stand still and pay attention.

Rigmor got together in 2018 in the Danish town of Aarhus, and they are slowly but steadily working their way up. Last summer, they released their first single, “Træ” (‘tree’), and later they followed it up with “Vægtløs” (‘weightless’). Both songs share a melancholy and a richness in melody that sort of lulls you into a blissful yet moody state of mind. The band is preparing their debut EP, Menneske (‘human being’), and there’s plenty to look forward to!

Close your eyes and experience the magic, poetic world of Rigmor when the band plays at Roskilde Festival 2020.