Saturday 4 July 2020
Indie Americana songs that embrace you and feel your heartache

”The saddest girl in Sweden” is the byname of 27-year-old singer Sarah Klang (her own words, not ours).

She’s singing for everybody with a heartache – and to those who have forgotten how it feel to have your heartstrings plucked out.

She was working as a waitress in her father’s bar when she felt an urge to start writing songs. Inspired by her own love life and endless piles of classic love songs, the songs streamed out of her.

Her melancholic pop songs shroud you in gorgeous sounds with nostalgic touches of Americana and country, lead by Klang’s warm voice that will get under your skin from the very first note. She sings straight from a bleeding heart and she can make even the most insensitive persons shed a tear.

Sarah Klang’s debut album, Love in the Milky Way (2018) went straight to number one on the Swedish chart, and she later won a Swedish Grammi (for ‘alternative pop of the year’).

In 2019, she released her sophomore album, Creamy Blue, to even more critical praise. Sadness and minor chords still make up the main ingredients in Sarah Klang’s material. She calls Creamy Blue a breakup album that she wrote even before she realised that the relationship she was in was about to end.

Sarah Klang has previously supported her kindred spirits in First Aid Kit on their tour. Now, she is ready to take a step forward and let the light of love shine on herself and her lovelorn music. Don’t forget a box of tissues when you take in Sarah Klang’s music at Roskilde Festival – there’s a great risk of getting those streams flowing.