Friday 3 July 2020
Funaná punk – a mash-up you haven’t heard before!

Scúru Fitchádu is a punk-aesthetic solo project from Portuguese artist Sette Sujidade.

He’s an idiosyncratic artist with a sound so profoundly entrenched in duality that it will make you question your notions of genres and labels.

He combines drum'n’bass with aggressive basslines, heavy beats, punk singing (throaty and angry!) and traditional funaná from the Cape Verde islands.

How does that sound? Like the wildest genre mash-up you’ve heard in a long time!

Funaná is traditional accordion-based music and Sette Sujidade screams his lyrics in Cape Verdean creole. Mixed with bass and guitar lines reminiscent of the grimiest Prodigy tunes, you’ll easily grasp that there’s something at stake here.

Listening to the debut album Un Kuza Runhu, what you’ll find is protest music, loaded with social and political commentary, angry at society’s rotten core and instilled with a sense of danger. After all, Scúru Fitchádu translates to ‘deep dark’, and he plays his ferrinho with a sharp knife.

Scúru Fitchádu is a restless journey of heavy and pacey music, racing heartbeats and liberation.

Join in on the madness when Scúru Fitchádu plays Roskilde Festival 2020.