Wednesday 1 July 2020
Creamy pop music from Danish singer on the verge of an international breakthrough

Danish artist Soleima (real name Sarah Mariegaard) is on the verge of an international breakthrough with her affectionate pop music that adds bright new colours to the esteemed Scandi-pop sound.

The past couple of years she has been a part of the US major label Atlantic Records (under the sub label Big Beat), og she’s now prepping her debut album, Powerslide, which will be out in March.

Maybe you have heard this year’s irresistible earworm “Roses” which may sound rose-tinted but with lyrics all full of thorns directed at a former lover. Last year, she also treated us with a couple of singles, “STFU” and “Cheers for the Tears”.

In Denmark, Soleima first made a name for herself with the EP NO. 14 which is full of atmospheric pop tunes roaming somewhere between melancholy and hope. Soleima is unafraid of taking on heavy themes in her songs, but she counterbalances with sweet melodies that aim to make you swing and sway.

In the middle of it all you’ll find Soleima spellbinding, light-as-a-feather vocals which truly stand out as a shining guiding star.

Earlier hit singles like ”Breathe”, ”Paper”, ”Cracks” and ”Low Life” have been played generously on Danish radio. And back in 2018, Soleima won the much talent award from Danish award show P3 Guld (watch a stunning live performance from that show).

Perhaps you were among the curious music listeners who caught Soleima when she played her first concert at Roskilde Festival back in 2016. Back then, she was just getting started, making her way into the music scene after having left the hip-hop collective Flødeklinikken.

The world is now opening its doors. Roskilde Festival does the same. Give it up for Soleima!