Saturday 4 July 2020
Chugging deathcore that will make your bones rattle

If you’re familiar with the deathcore scene, then you probably know all about Suicide Silence.

And if not, you’re in for a h*** of a ride. Suicide Silence are as bleak as their name suggests, and their mash-up of death metal, grind, metalcore and time-signature-bending dissonance with structured, focused and undeniable grooves, is the best kind of metal beat-up you can get!

Suicide Silence were at the genre’s forefront and they brought a broad appeal with this sound.

Things went fast from the get-go. The band's debut album, The Cleansing (2007), was a bit of a mover and shaker in the genre, even breaking through to the top 100 on the US Billboard charts. This was just the start of things. The following three albums – No Time to Bleed (2009), The Black Crown (2011) and You Can’t Stop Me (2014) – climbed higher and higher on the charts (the latter ended in the top 20). Pretty impressive considering we’re not exactly talking about an ear-pleasing type of music. This is violent, brutal stuff!

UK tastemaker Kerrang! called the band “pioneers” and “groundbreakers” who’ve made “some of extreme music’s most loved albums in recent years.”

Tragic struck when beloved vocalist Mitch Lucker was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2012. Suicidal Silence found a fierce new vocal power in Eddie Hermida who made his debut on You Can’t Stop Me.

After a stint with nu-metal with the inclusion of – gasp! – clean vocals (their self-titled album from 2017), Suicide Silence returned with a vengeance with 2020’s critically acclaimed Become the Hunter which has been called a true return to form.

If you are up for a sonic beating, Suicide Silence is definitely your go-to band who will be firing on all cylinders with sweltering riffs and intense breakdowns.