Sunday 28 June 2020

– Tuesday 30 June 2020

(final date to be announced)

Old-school hip-hop from brand-new and fresh voice

There’s a new rapper in town. There always is, but in this case its someone with matters on her heart. Mark the name: SULKA (let it be said – she doesn’t sulk in any way!).

She has been part of the Copenhagen rap underground for a while, collaborating with the collective Centeret alongside cool cats like Loke Deph and Khal Allan, doing golden-age hip-hop on the compilation 2000 and later on her own single, “Fokusér” (‘focus’).

Now, she’s ready to poke out her head even more. SULKA has teamed up with Tue Track (of Malk de Koijn fame) on production duties. It has given us the single “Frikvarter” (‘recess’), the first track off her upcoming debut EP.

SULKA possesses a young cheekiness and at the same time the authority of a seasoned MC. She digs the old-school style of hip-hop but is unafraid of spitting bars on top of modern styles like trap and boom-bap. If you listen closely to “Frikvarter” you will hear Danish paraphrases of Nas’ evergreen “I Can”, which says that SULKA is ready to “work hard at it” to make her name known in Danish hip-hop. The talent’s definitely there!

Catch her on the way up when she plays Roskilde Festival 2020.