Friday 3 July 2020
More sultry rap from the biggest rap group in Denmark

There must be one or two out there who remember the show of force from Suspekt when they closed the Orange Stage back in 2015. They ended the show by playing the same song, “Kinky fætter”, no less than four times. Watch it here.

The story of Suspekt is the story of a stubborn group who did things their own way. No one wanted to release their music back in 1999. What to do, then? You release it yourself. Suspekt started their own label, Tabu Records. It turned out to be a good idea, and Suspekt has stuck to doing things and deciding for themselves ever since.

Since the very beginning, Suspekt has presented a raw style with hedonistic and explicit songs about sex, drugs and binge drinking and the following comedowns and soul-searchings.

With their second album, Ingen slukker the stars (‘no one turns off the stars’), Danish hip-hop sort of lost its virginity to Suspekt. Their expression had become darker, heavier and more serious than before, and the album marked the entry of the dirty boys into Danish rap. That was in 2003. That same year they played their first concert at Roskilde Festival.

Orgi-E, Bai-D and Rune Rask had found the right recipe for their music, and they have developed on it over the years. At the same time, they have only become bigger and bigger. Their rowdiness was eagerly welcomed by a young generation, and when the trio's music was suddenly played again and again on daytime radio, their song lyrics were suddenly scrutinised by opinion-makers and accused of one thing and the other.

Everything remains open for Suspekt. Not least in sound. Their sound can contain everything from gritty guitars, cinematic strings and something completely pared down. Rune Rask is the sound magician who pieces together the music for Orgi-E and Bad-D to rap on top of. This troika still stands strong!

In February, Suspekt released their long awaited seventh album. It brings more sultry sex rap to the table but it also leaves room for the introspective, existential anguish. The two elements coexist and complement each other.

It seemed like an obvious choice to invite Suspekt back for another late-night party on the Orange Stage. Time will tell how they plan to go about it.