Thursday 2 July 2020
Weird, devil-may-care blues-punkish indie rock

”You know the whole world’s fucked, get over it,” sings Australian band Tropical Fuck Storm. Maybe they are right – so we might as well go out with a bang.

The wonderful weirdo-bluespunks in Tropical Fuck Storm do their best to make a racket and to set the world ablaze.

The quartet hails from Melbourne, Australia. Front man, guitarist and main songwriter Gareth Liddiard was part of the band The Drones who released six albums. In 2017, Liddiard and bass player Fiona Kitschin came up with the idea of Tropical Fuck Storm. They haven’t really looked back since then.

Two albums in, Tropical Fuck Storm are one of the most exciting acts out of the land down under.

The band’s nutty, sometimes-atonal-other-times-not brand of bluesy and punkish indie rock hits all the right buttons. Their songs are like apocalyptic odes to a dying planet, and along the way they also deal with social decay, conspiracy theories, mind control and exploitation. All great themes for wacky rock hits.

Braindrops is the title of their latest album. These drops are sweet, sour and bitter, all at once. Funky ugliness is Tropical Fuck Storms’ modus operandi. Guitars twitch with anxiety, the riffs threaten free jazz skronk but always maintain a traditional sense of groove and structural integrity. Some lines you can sing along to, some rhythms you can dance to. So, even though Tropical Fuck Storm believes we’re fucked, there's still a skerrick of hope left in their music.