Saturday 4 July 2020
Smashing punk rock with poetic lyrics and a rhythmic edge you can cut yourself on

Prepare for some take-no-prisoners punk rock.

Tvivler (translates to ‘doubting’/‘doubter’) makes a kind of ill-tempered, indignant music which screams poetically into your face. This is important stuff, and you'd better pay attention!

Their music twists and bends while charging ahead at full speed – and Tvivler has one of the most intense vocalists out there in the shape of Thomas Burø (someone will know him from Lack). He spits out words in angry, poetic phrases about (and against) narcissism, inequality and the difficulties of just living in the present.

Tvivler formed in 2014 in the ashes of other punk and math-rock bands so they skilfully master their aesthetics while playing as a tight unit. They created their distinctive Tvivler sound over three EP releases, Negativ psykologi #1-3. In 2017, the band played on our Rising stage for upcoming talent after which they started writing what is to become their debut album, EGO, which will be released in April.

The first time you're struck by Tvivler's music, you will experience a sonic chaos. They are a band with many ideas, and they play fast, loud and noisily adament music.  Don’t worry, though. It won’t take long before you learn the steps for the Tvivler dance. Just shake your leg in defiance, completely as you prefer. Tvivler is the epitome of energy, and when they return to Roskilde Festival they will unleash streams of energy from the stage in a late-night show that calls for chaos!

Tvivler will turn all doubters into believers in their punk aesthetics. With their heads up high and their fists clenched.