Thursday 2 July 2020
R&B superstar out of Norway 

 Ferrari (civil name Stig Joar Haugen) is a rapper and R&B artist, known for his catchy hooks, distinct voice and personal lyrics.  

The 29-year-old rose to prominence in Norway in 2015 with the singles Lianer (‘lianas) and Hvis du vil (‘if you want to’) from his debut EP Til mine venner (‘for my friends), and he has made the whole of Norway sing along to his tunes. Unge Ferrari was probably the first who made modern R&B sound great in the Norwegian tongue  and he has dominated the Norwegian charts since the very beginning. 

Unge Ferrari has grown to become one of Scandinavia’s most successful R&B artists, and he has collaborated with an array of artists, most notably the collaboration with Karpe and Arif in the super group MARS. 

In late 2018, he released his first full-length album Midt imellom magisk og manisk (‘in between magical and manical). The national press has been raving about it, calling it a personal triumph. Unge Ferrari has developed his sound towards club-friendly pop which balances cocky self-confidence and party atmosphere with despair and vulnerable self-scrutiny. 

Unge Ferrari crosses borders and language barriers. Although he sings in Norwegian, he has won over audiences in China, Hungary and Iceland and been played on the radio in Finland, Sweden and Italy. 

Unge Ferrari brings the chills to your spine with his tunes. He makes you feel the person behind the sounds and the words when he takes the stage and bares his soul while starting up a party.