Saturday 4 July 2020
Spaced-out, groovy electronic music to float along to 

Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte Albers are two self-declared nerds who like
d to mess about on their laptops in the living room. They first got together to make music for a friend’s film project. 

While fiddling with guitars, keys and knobs, they touched upon something very special. Music that merged electronics and later-day Radiohead-esque playfulness. It didn’t take long for German stalwarts Kompakt to come calling, inviting the duo onto the label. 

When Weval released its self-titled debut album in 2016, taste-makers Pitchfork pinpointed their accessibility, saying that “Weval have made the rare electronic record that is so strong and obviously appealing that it can't help but end up in the hands of casual listeners. 

In 2019, the Dutch wonderkids released their sophomore album called The WeightA fitting title as this is music with enough... well, weight to leave a lasting impression. At the same time, the album has a floaty quality to it with psychedelic inspirations from the 60s and 70s. It’s spaced-out, dreamy electronic music. 

When playing live, Weval’s blissed-out music gets a real treatment as the duo expands to a five-piece (watch this live video), translating the music into live dynamics. Weval has no interest in sounding just like they do on record. When they play Roskilde Festival, you can expect a synth-filled, beautiful and groovy concert.