The Danish authorities have just prolonged its prohibition against larger assemblies until August 31st 2020. The prohibition also goes for this year’s Roskilde Festival. 

We are devastated.  

Though we feared this would happen, we have until now hoped that it wouldn’t end this way. However, the risk of getting infected with the COVID-19 virus is too large when many people are gathered, and that consideration is by far the most important.  

Consequently, there will be no Roskilde Festival this summer.    

Roskilde Festival no. 50 was meant to be something very special. It was to mark and celebrate the roots of our festival by looking forward to the future. It should have been a celebration of art, community and of the urge to make a difference. A celebration of all that we so strongly need and seek in these unbearable times. 

We were looking forward to celebrating it with you. We have worked hard and made an extraordinary effort. We know that your expectations have been sky high too. Together we have crossed our fingers and held our breaths in the hope that the situation would change for the better and in due time for us to meet this summer. Unfortunately, that wasn’t supposed to happen after all.   

Roskilde Festival no. 50 must now wait until 2021.

If you have bought a ticket for the festival in 2020, you will be able to transfer it to Roskilde Festival 2021. Should you not wish to transfer your ticket can be reimbursed.  

We will get back to you about the specific conditions regarding both transfer and reimbursement, as soon as the solution is ready. We kindly ask for your understanding regarding this.  

However, most of all we ask for your support. You can make a huge difference for us by saying yes to being part of Roskilde Festival already now. By that, you will help secure the very foundation of the festival and get us through the difficult times that we are now facing.  

Roskilde Festival is in an especially difficult position. We are a nonprofit organization who arranges a festival in order to collect money for initiatives support children and young people. Every year, all profits from the festival are donated in full to this purpose, which means that we don’t have big savings to draw upon. We start up from zero every year, so to speak

But this extremely serious situation has consequences stretching far beyond ourselves. Artists, suppliers, the volunteer societies, cultural partners, businesses, and organisations that are organizing the stalls, servicing the festival guests, securing production and supplies, or are contributing to the festival program; they will all be severely affected. Many of them are already suffering by the current situation.  

Ultimately, the Roskilde Festival Society, the organization behind the festival, will not be able to live up to its purpose of supporting children’s and young people’s opportunities. This will affect a large number of organizations and initiatives in and outside of Denmark. They are also in extra need of help in these times.   

This year’s festival could and should have been the light at the end of the dark tunnel that all of us are currently in.   

We will now gather with the artists, partners, suppliers, businesses, societies and organisations – all those that take part in creating Roskilde Festival. Together we will work hard on creating an outstanding Roskilde Festival no. 50 in 2021, securing that the orange light will shine bright and strong all the way to the summer of 2021. 

Roskilde Festival is here all through the year!

Right now, we need to recover from the news. Then we will back. 

Thank you for your support and love. Take good care of yourselves and each other.