We received applications for at total amount of 203.500.000 DKK. 

Courage, commitment and willpower is alive and kicking.

The interest in applying for our Open Call donation concept has been overwhelming.

Every year, we donate all our profits to initiatives that work to create better conditions for children and young people. This year, on the occasion of the coming Roskilde Festival no. 50, we opened our biggest and most ambitious open call to date and earmarked close to the entire earnings from the festival of 2019 for this special purpose.

We support projects trying to resolve current problems of the World and encourage the opportunities for our youth to make a change.

The deadline for applying is now overdue and we are in the process of looking at the applications.

296 applications

We received a total of 296 applications from associations and NGOs working for and with the younger generations. In total we have been asked for 203.500.000 DKK.

Roskilde Festival has its roots in a youth culture who dreamed of changing the world and did something active to make that change happen. We see the same kind of commitment today. All over the world young people are gathering, shouting out, calling for action. They require sustainability – both socially, economically and climatically.

We wish to support that commitment with our open call.

What do we support?

We support projects that seek to create a positive change in society- projects created either by, with or for children and young people. We donate to both small and big projects, ongoing initiatives and new ideas in the following areas:

  • Music
  • Art
  • Social change
  • Environment and climate

The maximum amount we can donate to a given project is DKK 1,5 million.

Who can apply?

The purpose of Roskilde Festival Charity Society is to support initiatives benefiting children and young people and to support humanitarian, charitable and cultural work.

Please note, we only support non-profit organizations. We are also open to supporting several societies working together on joint projects. This open call is primarily aimed at Danish donation recipients. However, projects can take place outside the Danish borders.