A friendly attitude and dialogue combined with professionalism and hands-on experience are essential when the security guards from the Roskilde Festival Group create a safe environment in public and private contexts. Roskilde Festival’s security experts teach other companies, institutions and municipalities how to do the same.

Guests should experience them as service-minded hosts but their primary job is to create a safe environment. Dialogue and a welcoming appearance are tools to promote positive behaviour.

Many of the security guards are part of the festival’s safety team, and throughout the year they use their skills in other contexts when operating within the company RF Experience, which is part of Roskilde Festival Group. They solve a wide range of tasks for both public and private clients.

“We’re not your typical kind of guard. We compare ourselves to stewards. Our job is to secure the guests, but they should mainly experience us as someone who provides a service,” says Jesper Ladegaard, chief instructor at RF Experience.

Dialogue and trust are the foundation
Over the years, it has come very clear to him and his colleagues that dialogue and trust are the best tools when creating a safe environment. This is also documented in the theory of security management.

Jesper Ladegaard, chief instructor at RF Experience.

“Our work is based on the knowledge we have from theory of behaviour and movement patterns. And we share values with the festival and have the same approach to safety when we solve tasks for others as when we work at the festival. We believe in people and that we will get the best results with guidance and a good contact rather than strict instructions,” says Jesper Ladegaard.

The safety guards have both practical and theoretical knowledge of conflict management, audience psychology, emergency management and crowd management.

Right now, they use their skills to help with various aspects of reopening society.

Reducing conflicts
The dialogue-based and welcoming approach helps to create a good experience for guests but also reduces conflicts.

“If you create a good contact from the beginning it is much easier to get people to follow you if something unexpected happens. Similarly, it is easier to reason with someone if they see you as part of the team. This is true in all kinds of conflicts,” says Jesper Ladegaard.

The guards have helped Copenhagen Zoo reopen. 

It also ensures that guests see the guards are someone they can approach if they have problems or questions, he says:

“Our experience is that people feel they can come to us if they need help. The good contact means that our presence is perceived as something positive.”

Help with reopening
Part of the security team consists of security experts who make general security plans and are used to study guidelines and legislation. They also train others in using dialogue-based methods.

This experience they use when they train staff at e.g. museums and restaurants in connection with the reopening of society. The purpose is to ensure the staff knows about all the guidelines in relation to Covid-19 and know how to make guests adhere to them while at the same time creating a good atmosphere for the customers.

Here you can read more about how RF Experience can help with reopening (in Danish only).

RF Experience has around 240 affiliated security guards.

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