17 youth houses in Scandinavia, Finland and in Uganda and Tanzania receives a donation of 50.000 dkk each. 

Youth houses enables young people to make change and to involve themselves in their local communities and indeed the society. Thus Roskilde Festival has donated a total of 850.000 dkk to youth houses primarily in Denmark but also in the rest of Scandinavia as well as in Uganda and Tanzania. 

One of them is in Thisted in the north of Denmark.

(Video in Danish only).

Some of the recipients have created cultural communities in smaller towns where the opportunities are more limited than in the cities. 

"We are very concerned about learning about loneliness, stress and rising expectations. That's why we decided to support the efforts done by volunteers in youth houses and youth clubs - places where young people for the first time create new communities for themselves and their friends. Youth houses embrace those who take part in sports but also those who don't," says festival spokeswoman Christina Bilde. 

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Many of them create opportunities to learn making music or delevoping your own photos. 

Like in Bolsjefabrikken which is a creative community run exclusively by volunteers. 

(Video in Danish only)

One of the recipients with a very specific purpose is TAI in Tanzania. Among their other work is the JALI-project, where children and adolescents are informed about puberty and especially women's menstruation - which is not talked about. Thus many young girls feel there is something wrong with them and they avoid going to school. Enhancing the taboo of course is that many boys and men don't know that girls and women menstruate.