Sunday 27 June 2021
The beast is loose: popular Danish death metallers ready for Summer Days!

How often do you see cross-over potential in a death metal band? Never? Well, this particular band not only made the front-page of GAFFA, the most popular music magazine in Denmark, they have topped the Danish music vinyl-only chart and climbed to the top 5 on the regular album chart, and they have been called the biggest death metal hope out of Denmark.

Baest (the Danish word for beast or brute) plays old-school, no-bullshit death metal. Evil, down-tuned songs full of guttural growling, double pedals and ice-cold riffage.

A lot has happened since Baest played Roskilde Festival’s Rising stage in 2017 (watch some footage here). Back then, they had released the impressive debut EP Marie Magdalene. Their ferocious live energy coupled with a solid batch of songs led to a devastating set that turned the crowd into a living whirlpool. The show fuelled the band when heading into the studio to finish the recordings for what would become their debut album – released by esteemed metal label Century Media.

Baest’s debut album Danse Macabre brings the dance of death to life with a tour-de-force, not just in death metal, but in music with clenched fists in general.

Baest followed up on the success with the 2021 release Necro Sapiens which has been hailed by many as their best so far.

Baest’s music is meant to be played and experienced live. It’s from a live stage the band has cultivated their constantly growing fan base. If you have ever been to a Baest show, you know what we are on about. The stage presence, the infectious power, the sewery-and-blood-dripping songs and the energy bouncing between band and audience are all ingredients in a show that spells p-o-w-e-r-f-u-l.

This beast is alive and hungry and it’s feeding time at Summer Days!

Baest performs at Summer Days on 27 June alongside Xenoblight and Orm.

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