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The Danish trio welcomes you into their charming parallel universe with Balkan-flavoured, dub-infused pop music.

Balstyrko is back.

The trio – consisting of singer Ane Trolle, rapper/singer/word juggler Blæs Bukki and producer wiz Anders ’Ormen’ Christophersen – created a super charming, skewed parallel universe when they formed back in 2007.

Their debut album Jagten paa noget (’the chase for something’) was a kaleidoscopic magic mirror that showed an enticing range from Ane Trolle’s addictive honeyed vocals to Blæs Bukki’s deep man’s voice and word acrobatics.

The groove was heavy and smoothly laid-back as if Tom Waits were swinging his baton somewhere in the shadows. And the special affection for dub, reggae and Balkan music was also evident is the music.

Whatever Balstyrko were chasing they certainly found it. Just like many music lovers found themselves a new favourite tune in the wonderfully steady ”Intet stopper helt” (‘nothing stops entirely’). Since then, Balstyrko’s music has became a theme tune in a popular food programme on Danish television.

The trio also played at Roskilde Festival in 2009 for a filled-to-the-brim concert tent. They were joined by a well-playing six-piece band who transformed their digital studio productions to hand-played songs with a true organic feel.

Balstyrko is currently working on a new album, which should be out in 2021. So you can look forward to lots of new songs when they return to Roskilde Festival.