Wednesday 30 June 2021
Electronic duo flex their muscles for a beating show

The electronic music duo from Belfast, Andy Ferguson and Matt McBriar, have always had their hands directly on the pulse of the party.

Since they started flexing their muscles a decade ago with their infamous Feel My Bicep blog-turned-party and record label, they have been around the globe with their own ecstatic sound.

They span styles like house, techno, disco and jungle without sticking to one specific genre or scene. They just want to work up something magical. And they do.

Their extraordinary live show (watch the video below!) is something you won’t forget once you’ve experienced it. Just ask anyone who saw Bicep when they were last at Roskilde Festival in 2017.

Bicep’s live show embraces the idea of immersion. It blurs the line between audience and performer, amplifying the rush of togetherness which pulses through their shows.

2017 was also the year when Bicep released their self-titled debut album (on Ninja Tune) which was highlighted among best releases of the year. It achieved that rare feat of a crossover dance album, which works as well for home listening as it does for dancefloor euphoria.

A series of well-received singles, including “Glue”, “Rain” and “Vale”, now function as live favourites. A remix of “Opal” by iconic producer and DJ Four Tet made for a big dance 12”.

We’ve been promised a new album soon, so there’s plenty of goodies to look forward to when Bicep returns to Roskilde Festival for a late-night bash.

Start flexing!