Sunday 27 June 2021
Praised Danish poet embarks on a long poem

Caspar Eric (born 1987) is a Danish poet who holds a Master's degree in Literature from the University of Copenhagen.

At Summer Days you can experience a long poem that delves into memories of turquoise infinity pools from tired charter holidays, of a limp cock in tracksuit, and of streets filled with black-clad protesters with roman candles in their hands.

Caspar Eric made his debut in 2014 with the poem collection 7/11, and he has since published a number of award-winning books such as Nike, Avatar – and most recently he released a collection of poems documenting a life during the first lockdown.

Caspar Eric is also part of a Roskilde-dedicated group of writers together with Sophie Händler and Duncan Wiesein. At previous festivals, they have collected and on a continuous basis processed impressions from Roskilde Festival, which will result in a collaborative poem that seeks to capture the Roskilde spirit.

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