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How to quit Facebook or how to prevent stress caused by digital exhaustion?

Centre for Cyber Wellness will perform in Ambereum (read about the performance space)

We’re all losing years in cyberspace, years that could have otherwise been spent with family and friends.

Join this detoxing workshop by Centre for Cyber Wellness who will empower you to miss out on social media in order to not miss out on life itself.

Centre for Cyber Wellness will perform a banishing ritual and cleanse the performance area and everyone participating. Following, there will be a conversational exercise about digital stress and self-care ending with a guided meditation to the sounds of poetry, sci-fi, techno anthropology and tips for maintaining digital security and privacy.

Centre for Cyber Wellness is represented by Jacob Remin, Henrik Chulu, Maia Kahlke, Andreas Hjort Bundgaard, Halfdan Mourtizen and Lotte Løvholm.