Wednesday 30 June 2021
One of the most compelling breakout rap stars

DaBaby is a relentlessly rapping rapper. It’s only a matter of seconds in his tracks before he cuts the intro and starts doing his vocal acrobatics. This is an artist with stuff on his mind!

DaBaby, the tough 28-year-old Charlotte rapper, has soared to the centre of the zeitgeist over the course of 2019. He is rap’s bright star – one who connects everybody.

He has made a big splash on the back of a bunch of great, high-profile features that he’s done. Almost every pop-rap hit has gotten the DaBaby touch. In 2019, DaBaby landed on tracks by modern heavyweights such as Chance The Rapper, Lizzo, Lil Nas X and Post Malone.

DaBaby has a characteristic sound, and it has made him a star – and a much sought-after collaborator. He does fleet, two-minute fight songs, raps with a chest-thumping variety – and, of course, he has a favourite ad-lib (“vroom!”) which he generously doses on all his tracks. He’s renowned for his absurd cockiness – and his performances and madcap music videos prove his sharp sense of humour.

You have probably heard his smash hit “Suge” taken from his just-as-successful debut album Baby On Baby which he released in early 2019. As if that wasn’t enough, DaBaby served us another album later in 2019, KIRK (sort of self-titled – he’s real name: Jonathan Lyndale Kirk), dedicated to his belated father.

Prior to that he spat out mixtapes with a furious pace (we’re counting 13 of them prior to the release of his debut album). DaBaby was also featured in XXL’s Freshman Class of 2019 (be in there and you’re almost destined for a break-through). Do check his verses on XXL’s cypher. The same lyrics (different beat) feature in the track “XXL” that closes KIRK. In 2020, he released his third album, Blame It on Baby, which follows suit with the signature elements: minimal bass stabs, fun, chaos and braggadocious bars.

This baby has certainly grown, and we’re looking much forward to welcoming DaBaby to Roskilde Festival 2021.