Drag identity #Sergina sings and performs songs about love, lust and loneliness in the digital age.

Elly Clarke & Vladimir Bjeličić will perform in Ambereum (read about the performance space)

Experience the changing role of the physical body in an increasingly digital world with drag persona #Sergina.

Elly Clarke explores the impact of the digital upon the physical in terms of objects, bodies and the way in which we experience and live in our spatial and temporal environments.

“How are You?” – a live participatory soap opera about wrestling with wellbeing in the digital age
Elly Clarke and Vladimir Bjeličić are serving reality realness when they perform as online service workers supporting their customers (that’s you!). An interactive performance about data entry, labour and the feminised performing body that questions whether people handling online services are replaceable.

Dressed identically in half-drag and communicating only through their screen, Clarke and Bjeličić will ask questions that you can reply to through printed or electronic form. All gathered replies are entered as data with consent and presented as Google-analysed bar charts, pie charts and percentages.

As the ‘customer’ you have the opportunity to choose between four #Sergina songs that the workers will dance to. Feel free to join the public #Sergina-led dance class afterwards to learn some fierce moves in order to slay the dance floor.

I got my phone in my wallet – #Sergina on the Decks 
Feel the fantasy with Elly Clarke and her drag persona #Sergina who will lip sync or live sing as she pleases, songs about Google, Tinder, Grindr, missed calls, mobile phones and Facebook.