Thursday 1 July 2021
We care a lot! The alt. metallers, who bounce all genres, are back at Roskilde!


Few words describe Faith No More better.

With the ubiquitous hit “Epic” the San Franciscan band went from underground to a major hard rock act. From that point on, the only way was onwards and upwards.

Faith No More followed up with the album Angel Dust whose bizarro fusion of death metal, gothic electronica, Asian melodies, cheerleader chants and John Barry themes cemented the band’s legacy as consummate non-conformists.

Today, Angel Dust is hailed as a milemarker and masterpiece in modern rock. It’s a central piece in a discography that gleefully blows up rock orthodoxy. This is perhaps why Faith No More – with an experimental and we-can-bounce-all-genres approach – is one of few bands who straddles a fan group who, collectively, digs all kinds of music.

Faith No More built on their musical madness until their break in 1998. At this time, their central position in rock was obvious to everybody, and the band members’ numerous side projects took over.

Frontman Mike Patton has been hailed as an icon of the alt-metal world. You’ll get dizzy if you try listing the infinite array of avant-rock, Italian-crooner, hardcore punk and soundtrack projects he has pursued through his notorious Ipecac imprint.

Faith No More reunited in 2015 with the album successful comeback album Sol Invictus. The band proved that they still possessed that idiosyncratic jittery and gnarled intensity.

They first played Roskilde Festival in 1990, came back in 1992 and their latest show was in 2009 (see clip below. We’re more than pleased to welcome this band back for another (ahem) epic round at Roskilde Festival 2021.