Thursday 1 July 2021
Gut-wrenching emotion from one of this generations’ most interesting artists

FKA twigs is a star. And she has zero interest in being a star in a traditional sense. She makes unwaveringly idiosyncratic music and eludes the spotlight whenever she can.

She brings some sort of sonic adventurism with her, both when she performs and releases music.

We saw that the first time back in 2014 when she unleashed her debut, LP1, upon the world. As if landing from another galaxy, she presented futuristic and warped soundscapes based on triphop and 90s-leaning R&B.

The follow-up, Magdalene (2019), has taken her sound in a new direction (the critics really love it!). Together with executive producer Nicolas Jaar, she has built a deep, multidimensional universe of sound that balances human presence and technological distance.

The album summons the spirits of such iconoclastic talents as Kate Bush and Björk while affirming its own unique personality. FKA twigs absolutely owns her darkest emotions, forging a sound and identity all her own.

She knows just how to translate this to a live stage (check out this performance). In fact, FKA twigs is an artist made for the stage. It’s not enough to hear her – you have to see her. Her visual language is as important as her music.

The English artist’s live shows are like her conceptual music videos: theatrical, with entrancing dance breaks, lots of costumes and raw, untethered sensuality.

Her voice remains the highlight. An airy soprano that is even more haunting live, and it always grabs the spotlight.