Saturday 3 July 2021
Visceral electronic music from the master of detail

They usually say that the devil’s in the detail.

In the case of Sam Shepherd, the sound magician behind Floating Points, beauty and lots of lots of fidgeting is in the detail. No one obsesses with details as much as he can.

Floating Points is one of the most appreciated and critically acclaimed electronic acts out of the UK. Shepherd also has a PhD in neuroscience and runs the label Eglo Records. In other words, a busy man – and yet with plenty of time to obsess with details. Thank god for that! Because it has resulted in some excellent music releases that heads in many directions, marrying meditative elements with pumping dancefloor euphoria.

It’s perfectly normal for him to spend five years on making an album – he did just that with the beautiful debut album Eleania from 2015.

But the 34-year-old’s new album, Crush, was jostled from him in just five weeks, fuelled by his frustration at the state of the world.

Floating Points had been on tour with The XX. It was just himself, a drum machine and a synthesizer on stage. With such machinery he went for a so-called chaotic vibe, something he built into his latest album.

His live sets are always something worth seeking out. They give off an idiosyncratically Floating Points sound. That means that he does things his own way. Lots of dramatic arcs and tension-building stuff and still he’s unafraid of dropping in some jazzy, ambient stuff just to make your head spin even wilder. His sets are always unconventionally brilliant. And he usually brings some impressive visuals to go with his sounds.

Catch Floating Points for a late-night show where anything can happen at Roskilde Festival 2021.