Wake up to the sounds of an acoustic cello and prepare your body for the daily shower of digital sounds 

Josefine Opsahl will perform in Ambereum (read about the performance space)

Danish cellist and composer Josefine Opsahl unites her classical music background with a liberating openness to sounds, genres, the use of electronics and her main instrument, the cello.

Her work reflects her own artistic search towards understanding the role of art in our society and the tension between tradition and renewal, expertise and intuition.

Inspired by Walt Whitman’s poem “I Sing the Body Electric”, Opsahl has created a trilogy of musical performances about the relation between the down-to-earth “acoustic” body and the surrounding digital reality.

Movement 1: The Body Instrument // The Divine Body 
A gentle wake-up session. More info will follow

Movement 2: The Sonic Body // Sonic Lithographies – featuring The Perfect Procession and Mårten Spångberg 
Experience a procession of eight trombone and hi-hat players when Opsahl joins forces with Swedish choreographer Mårten Spångberg. This is a non-directional “march” of drums and dance where four dancers will move to the rhythm of the cello and create sculptural formations.

Movement 3: The Collective Body // The Body Electric – featuring M€RCY
Start the night with Josefine Opsahl and Danish techno duo M€RCY when they unite their electronic sound with the acoustic cello. M€RCY will take you on a sonic journey by incorporating samples, live sounds and noise from her cello with their techno beats and electronic instruments.