Thursday 1 July 2021
Global-tinged pop sounds from rising star

She has fast flows, sharp lyrics and a crystal-clear vision. 24-year-old Lous and The Yakuza is turning heads with her fresh sound.

You may have heard her first single “Dilemme” because it has really been dominating the airwaves and the streaming apps. In Denmark, the song was chosen as track of the week at Danish radio station P3.

The urban-tinged sounds – skilfully produced by Rosalía’s producer El Guincho – combined with Lous’ French tongue makes up a special cocktail that follows up on said Rosalía’s sounds that merge local flavours with a big pop sound.

Lous’ civil name is Marie-Pierra. She was born in Congo and grew up in Rwanda, where she took refuge in school, music and writing. In her early teens she moved to Belgium with her parents, and her most cherished wish was to be a singer. Over time, she developed her moniker Lous, and it didn’t take long before her talent was discovered.

Catch the video for “Dilemme”. It is biographical of Lous’ life. She literally wears multiple identities, each complete with their own environment – from growing up in Congo to proving herself as an artist in Brussels. It’s a song about finding one’s place in the world.

”Dilemme” is from the debut album Gore which contains lots of magic moments that may just catapult her into stardom. She sings and raps with lace-like intricacy and a hypnotic sense of melody as El Guincho teases skittish trap and reverential vocals into a holy atmosphere.

Make sure you catch her at Roskilde Festival 2021.