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Experience the waves of dance – the ebb and flow like the liquid ocean 

Mårten Spångberg will perform in Ambereum (read about the performance space)

Imagine the presence of dance movements casually performed yet very precise, creating a feeling of a soft, fluid, borderless and intimate space.

This is what you will encounter when experiencing Mårten Spångberg’s performance The Ocean. Just like being on an underwater journey feeling the flows and energies of the ocean. 

Mårten Spångberg’s pop-up dance performance intensifies, peaks and calms down over the course of the afternoon. Three dancers will perform and use different parts of Ambereum to create almost surreal sculptural formations which suddenly dissolve and move elsewhere.  

Mårten Spångberg is a multidisciplinary choreographer and writer living and working in Berlin and Stockholm. His interests concern dance and choreography in an expanded field, something he has approached through experimental practice in a multiplicity of formats and expressions.  

Mårten Spångberg will also co-perform with cellist Josefine Opsahl in Ambereum.