Friday 2 July 2021
Black metal legends are back with a vengeance

Norwegian black metal band Mayhem is considered pioneers on the Norwegian black metal scene. Together with bands like Immortal, Gorgoroth and Darkthrone, Mayhem put Norway on the world map of music with their punishing version of black metal.

Mayhem’s career has been very controversial due to their violent stage performances and the death of several band members.

Vocalist Per Yngve Ohlin (‘Dead’) committed suicide in 1991, and guitarist Øystein Aarseth (‘Euronymous’) was killed in 1993 by former band member Varg Vikernes (‘Count Grishnackh’).

With the band’s notorious live shows and the release of a genre-defining demo and EP (Pure Fucking Armageddon and Deathcrush), Mayhem soon got a loyal fan base. But the killing of Aarseth led to the band splitting up right before the release of their debut album De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas – an album that is hailed as a black metal classic.

Today, Mayhem consists of Necrobutcher (bass), who is an original member, Hellhammer (drums), who has been a part of the band since 1988, and Attila (vocals) and Teloch and Ghul (guitars).

Mayhem’s music was part of defining the black metal genre, which moved the metal scene away from the trendy speed metal that was dominating at the time.

Mayhem’s post-Aarseth releases are very experimental, and the notorious band continues to get the most out of the black metal genre.

In 2019, Mayhem returned with a new album, their sixth. The aptly titled Daemon is everything you could ever expect from Mayhem: a spiraling, vitriolic palette of darkness that sees the band pushing themselves with a restless and adventurous sound worthy of their already legendary canon of genre-defining works.

Fans for of everything extreme, prepare for Mayhem’s return to Roskilde Festival in 2021.