Thursday 24 June 2021
Experimental pop conjuring up a wealthy emotional life in a tech time

Does love remain a true feeling in an age of technology? That's the kind of question that ML Buch's music asks.

ML Buch is the moniker of Danish composer, singer and producer Marie Louise Buch.

Her luminous debut album Skinned was released via Anyines in 2020 and is a striking collision of experimental and pop sounds.

Buch casts yearning melodies, vaporous guitars and nostalgic keyboard sounds into the wide-open spaces of songs, letting them sit uneasily in her not-quite-synthpop productions.

Look forward to hearing the music from Skinned and new songs well served by the adventurous instrumentals ML Buch create as a connective tissue.

In an era of skin hunger and touch depravation, ML Buch's music is a very welcome soundtrack. And fortunately, you can be touched by her music without any risk of infection. At worst, you are infected with a strong sense of... love.

ML Buch performs at Summer Days on 24 June alongside Erika de Casier and Smerz.

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